LL03: Historian’s Report, 1947

The Lady Laurier Club of Dawson Creek was formed at a Tea held at the home of Mrs Harry Collins on January 9, 1947. Its aims were to further Liberalism and to assist the local Liberal Club.

The Constitution was written by Mrs Rosa Watson and this was set forth in a book of By-laws by Mrs W.C. Bowie.

Unfortunately, the first minute book for the period 1947-August 1950 was lost as was the Historian’s book started in 1951. This contained Historians’ reports by Mrs Scales and Mrs Harper. Fortunately, Mrs Harper’s copy was recovered and is included herein.

The first group of officers was Mrs Glen Braden (President), Mrs H. Carlin (Vice President), Mrs Rosa Watson (Secretary) and Mrs Herman Hirschmann (Treasurer)

The first meetings were held in the Old Timer’s Cabin. This building deserves a few words of explanation. It was built of logs to commemorate the pioneers’ log cabins by the Old Timer Society and the Women’s Institutes of the district. It was to be used as rest rooms for farm women when they came to town to shop. It is now enclosed by the TV and Radio building owned by CJDC.

Some of the earliest members were:


Mrs Wilbur Harper, Mrs Harry Collins, Miss Daphne Phillips, Mrs Stan McCrea, Mrs W.C. Bowie, Mrs Easton,

Mrs M. Bullen, Mrs F. E. Webb, Mrs Floyd Wilson, Mrs Jack Fynn, Mrs Alex Cameron, Mrs Tucker (South Dawson),

Mrs Eva O’Reilly, Mrs Allan Varco, Mrs Roy Kennedy, Mrs Jack Kennedy, Mrs Mellor, Mrs Jones, Mrs A. Michaud,

Mrs Glover Lawrence, Mrs Jack Kerr, Mrs Lyle Braden, Mrs Helen Windrem, Mrs Charles HoLem, Mrs Mike Coswain

Mrs Mel Sutton, Mrs Yule, Mrs Rowe and Mrs Ross Braden


A membership drive was held in the form of a Tea at the home of Mrs Glen Braden in April 1947.